Grenco G PRO Floral Series Portable Vaporizer

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Grenco G PRO Floral Series es un vaporizador todo en uno, con cámara de calentamiento y la habilidad de cambiar de temperatura al momento. de la prestigiosa marca Grenco, en Hierbotools ofrecemos el mejor precio en México e incluso USA ya que somos distribuidores autorizados de Grenco


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The Grenco G PRO Floral Series consists of 5 parts.

  •     Mouthpiece
  •     Mesh Filter – Inside of the mouthpiece is a small replaceable mesh filter to keep any dry herb residue from getting into the users mouth.
  •     Heating Chamber – The area where you put in your dry herbs. Be careful, it gets pretty hot.
  •     Battery – Grenco G PRO Floral Series has a built-in rechargeable battery.
  •     Micro USB Connector – On the bottom of theGrenco G PRO Floral Series, you’ll find the micro USB connector for charging the battery.

How to use the Grenco G PRO Floral Series portable vaporizer?

Remove The Mouthpiece

This can be done by rotating the Grenco G PRO Floral Series so that the slit of the mouthpiece is vertical, then pushing your thumb up below the bottom corner (if you were looking at it from above). Apply some force and you should have the mouthpiece pop off. It can be a little difficult sometimes to get it off, but once you’ve got it you’ll figure out how to get it every time. Make sure to apply pressure closer to the tip of the mouthpiece, it makes the job a lot easier.

Pack the Grenco G PRO Floral Series with Dry Herbs

When packing your dry herbs we recommend only filling the chamber about half way at most. At little goes a long way with this vaporizer and overpacking can lower the quality of your vaping experience. The Grenco G PRO Floral Series also comes with a 5 pack of steel mesh screens. These are totally optional though. One option we recommend is to place one at the bottom of your heating chamber for easy clean up (read: little to no residue to try to scrape off the bottom of your chamber if you forget to clean it immediately after use). You can also use one of these screens as an extra filter by placing it at the very top of your chamber. Don’t forget, there is already a mesh screen attached to the mouthpiece, but if you’re the type who likes to play it extra safe then there’s nothing stopping you here.

Re-Attach the Mouthpiece

Just pop it back on, you should hear a click when its back in place.

Turn On The Grenco G PRO Floral Series

Just press the big silver button 5 consecutive times. It is a pretty ingenious system. It not only prevents the vaporizer from accidentally turning on and draining the battery, it also allows the vaporizer to heat to a higher temperature.
As soon as the vaporizer is on, the heating chamber will begin to heat and your herbs will begin to vaporize. The chamber heats automatically, so there is no need to hold down the power button to keep it heating.

Adjust the Temperature to Your Liking

The Grenco G PRO Floral Series offers 3 heating modes. You can tell which heating mode you’re using by the colored light below the on button. To change modes simply hold the on button until the light changes color, it should take about 3 seconds.

  • The first, least hot, mode is the red mode. It heats at 182 Celsius (360F).
  • The green mode is the second mode. It heats theGrenco G PRO Floral Series medium heat of 193 Celsius (380F).
  • The final, hottest, mode is the blue mode, which heats at 215 Celsius (420F).

We recommend you test out all the modes, which mode is “best” is really all about personal preference. Just know that the hotter the temperature the quicker your dry herb will be vaporizer and the speedier your herb will brown.


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